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Vaerus awarded a second time an IS-BAO Stage III company


A Quick Note From Brooks

For the 2nd time in the history of our company here at Vaerus, we’ve now been accredited as an IS-BAO Stage III company.

To show you how much we value flying you safety in the air is why we value this level of accreditation so much here at Vaerus.

Here’s how this audit was different than when we first received our Stage III accreditation last time:

  • The audit was performed by an entirely new auditor as you cannot use the same auditor as the prior accreditation. 
  • The auditor had never been or flown with Vaerus prior to this
  • The auditor this time was a former FAA Safety Inspector 
  • This audit also came back with 0 findings to prevent Vaerus from maintaining our level III certification. This is similar to a restaurant going through a health inspection with no findings, it’s incredibly rare.