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Future time you could spend at the airport


A Quick Note From Brooks

There is no denying that the future of travel will be a lot different in 2020 and beyond.

At some point the world will start opening up and more and more people will start flying commercially. The question I have for you today though is, have you thought and how long that process will take to fly commercially when it does?

Some people are saying that this process could take as long as 4 hours!

If you look at a recent article from, they are saying the entire process for checking people in for the future including health screenings, long lines with social distancing, and cleaning and defogging planes, will add to this long process before you even step on the commercial plane. Then once you are on the plane, you can expect to see major differences in blocked seats, protective gear, and very limited service.

Why this matters to you?

Time is the most valuable thing we all have. With the era we are about to embark on, having a personal and private aircraft that you can walk on the moment you arrive at a hangar could save you alone an additional 8 hours just by the added time that we could see as more and more people start to fly again.

Ask me or our team anything

During this time, we want to make sure you know that our team is here to help you with anything, so whether you are looking to purchase or upgrade your aircraft or have another question, we’re a call or email away from jumping in to help.

Safe travels,

Vaerus Aviation, Inc.
Brooks Pettit, President