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Our new facility is officially ready for you to enjoy!


A Quick Note From Brooks

As you all know, this has been a long time in the making and I couldn’t be more excited than I am today to release some of the photos of our amazing space that was recently finished…

Every inch of space is crafted with you in mind and how your stop at the Vaerus hangar could be an incredible experience from the moment you arrive.

The team at Schwerdt Design Group did incredible in the architecture and interior design elements. Here’s some of my personal favorite touches that we put into the space:

The first class experience happens as soon as you arrive in our waiting area. Grab a drink or snack just like you would before but sit comfortably in our client lobby. You’ll notice our digital signage that is updated daily to let you know the specific details of your flight as well as the latest info from our team that you need to know about. Catch up on some emails catch up on the daily news prior to your flight.

The conference room that I’ve been telling you about is simply breathtaking. Remember this space is for you to use.

This is our soundproof space for you to have your private meetings that is well equipped with every technology need you will have. Our concierge staff is here to help you have an awesome meeting or presentation using our soundproof conference room.

Want to talk in a more casual atmosphere?

Our conversational meeting area is the place to have that meeting in. 

Sometimes, it’s the small details that really matter and the foundation in which we’ve built our standard of care.

I wanted to include part of the story of how we were able to even be in this space into the design of our new space. You’ll see that evident if you look up at our ceiling which features a charred wood ceiling that is in reference to the facility that was here before Vaerus even took its first flight out. Our building sits atop the foundation that was once the site of a WWII hangar. That building tragically caught fire in 1993 during repairs and was a total loss.  The fate of that building has allowed for the current structure and our opportunity today. 

You’ll also be pleased to know that your aircraft records are safer than ever, with double security and access control, monitored by a camera system and fireproof safes, locked behind access control doors – only three people in our company have access to your aircraft records. – also, we might be the only company to do so, but we also insure your records to protect the value of your aircraft asset!

And now for even more photos, check out the full gallery!

I want you to know that there is an open invitation for you to stop by anytime and check this out in person. We can’t wait for you to experience the space for yourself!

Safe travels,

Vaerus Aviation, Inc.
Brooks Pettit, President