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Love your aviation career

Want to be judged by more than your employee number?
Join the premiere business aviation company of the midwest.

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Like you, we believe in creating a work environment where people matter.

It’s tough to find a company that that respects employee’s civil liberties and freedom. We are driven and thrive in the ability to come through for our clients, and for our team-mates. We offer a work environment where you’re treated like a person, not an employee number.

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We are an IS-BAO Stage III Professional Aircraft Management Firm

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A team focused on Safety

Business aviation is complex and can come with risks. As an IS-BAO accredited operator, Vaerus Aviation makes business aviation safe and simple for our clients.

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We want our team to love their jobs.

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Tired of constantly flying the same ILS, to the same big airport?

People Matter, we exist to serve people. Our employees deserve our service and to be treated as though they matter; not just a cog in the wheel. Our clients own aircraft because of the people that matter to them, to be face to face, and to make memories with the people close to them.

Private jet career opportunities

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Our Gift To you

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