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The words you’ll never hear our team say


A Quick Note From Brooks

I’m sure you’ll agree that there isn’t a bigger frustration than asking for help only to hear the other person on the line, face to face, or in an email say these words. No.

Most of the time it’s not exactly those words and it covered up with the words “I’m not sure,” or “I don’t know.” The biggest differentiator in hearing someone give this answer is that individual being honest about not being sure, but not just stopping there. It’s taking your problem and going the extra mile to solve and figuring out how to help you, no matter what.

That’s why you’ll never hear our team say no in any form or fashion.

Our answer to our clients is always yes. I never want you to think that you are back on your own trying to figure out the problem you thought we could or would help you out with.

Photo by Megan Burns on Unsplash

We need your help with the Topeka Pedestrian Plan Project on Topeka Blvd.

Have you noticed how much the city of Topeka has improved our biking and pedestrian paths in the past few years? In an effort to get some of these improvements on Topeka Blvd from 29th to 37th street I’d ask that you join us by considering using this template to send a letter to the city manager on behalf of being a citizen of the area or as a local business.

Safe travels,

Vaerus Aviation, Inc.
Brooks Pettit, President