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vaerus careers

If you strive for excellence and want to join a team that is focused on always delivering a great customer experience we've been waiting for you.

Hangar Tech

If you love being around airplanes and are looking for a part time job with up to 30 hours per week, we believe we have the perfect job opening for you! We're looking for someone that is driven to deliver a great customer experience, is thorough in the small details we commit to as a team, and has a positive attitude.

Please read the below job description and if interested, please send your resume to

  • Ensures the hangar and associated equipment is kept in a clean, organized, and working order;
  • Participates in the Safety Management System.

  • Assists flightcrews in the preparation and recovery of aircraft;
  • Tows aircraft on the ramp and in the hangar;
  • Completes aircraft stocking and cleaning, as directed in the Aircraft Servicing Checklist;
  • Details clients’ cars;
  • Maintains all areas of the hangar in an extremely clean and highly organized manner;
  • Maintains and repairs hangar and ground support equipment;

  • Has appropriate work experience to perform assigned duties;
  • Must be available to work one weekend a month, two would be preferred.
  • Is a responsible person with a mature demeanor suitable for working around airplanes