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Why an airplane is only as good as its history


A Quick Note From Brooks

History tells us so much about an airplane… or does it?

Think of it this way. You are about to purchase a horse, much of the value of this horse comes from the pedigree of its lineage as well as the method it was cared for correct? A high value horse will have all of the right documentation showing you, the potential owner, many documents including the history of this particular horse making you more likely to purchase the animal.

Can the same documentation be found regarding many private aircraft? You would be surprised that the resounding answer we hear most of the time is maybe. Just like our example of the thoroughbred horse, It all depends on how the aircraft was cared for.

We’ve seen that without the right documentation or as we refer to them in this industry, log books, can forfeit as much as 40 to 50% of the airplane value when it comes time to sell the asset.

Many internal components of an airplane have a lifecycle limit, and it must be documented in a log book when maintained. Without this documentation, the value of the aircraft goes down because you can’t verify it has been maintained to the manufacturer’s standard.

That’s why we have a three level system of protection for our clients’ aircrafts records. They are stored in a fireproof safe that resides in a controlled access room, and that room has video surveillance. They are that important to protect.

Safe travels,

Vaerus Aviation, Inc.
Brooks Pettit, President


About Brooks Pettit

Brooks, an accomplished aviation professional and industry entrepreneur, started Vaerus Aviation in 2007. Originally from Kansas, Brooks grew the business surrounding his community involvement, friends, and family. When Brooks isn’t flying or networking or volunteering in the local community, he enjoys being on the water in the summer, improving his knowledge of wines, and traveling.

“Our genuine care for the customer, the dedication to our safety culture, the substantial effort that goes into preparing and conducting each flight, the authenticity and sincerity of our employees’ character and honest love for aviation forms the identity of Vaerus Aviation.

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