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Why we focus on the details for you


A Quick Note From Brooks

Today, I wanted to share why we focus on the little things.

It’s honestly so you can focus on your business prospering. We pride ourselves on immaculate attention to every detail as a standard practice when you choose Vaerus.

The details define us as a company.

Every small detail is important us not only in the air, but also just as much on the ground. Our team is into as much the details of your aircraft as it is in delivering an incredible customer experience.

I wanted to share a few photos that were shot of our team recently that show usĀ in action, always willing to serve, and to make your experience a better one every single time you fly with us.

If you haven’t checked our site lately, we now have a live chat featureĀ just for you.

Samantha from our team is now available for you to ask a question with a new live chat feature we just added last week at Feel free to ask her a question or just even say hello. I promise you, we’ll find an answer to your question.

Safe travels,

Vaerus Aviation, Inc.
Brooks Pettit, President